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1.Independent Research and Development Capability

●Yida owns a high-tech research and development team, and cooperates with a strong Ph.D. research and development team supported by the Haixi Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, forming a complete motor independent research and development system.

● Simultaneous research and development have been conducted together with theOEM, so as to provide customers with the latest products in the industry without delay.

2.CNAS Laboratory Certification

● It’s certified by CNAS.

● It’s equipped with complete and reliablecapabilities for testing the performance, environment and durability of the automotive motor.

● It hasmore than 50instruments and devices.

3. Independent Device Manufacturing

● A professional device manufacturing team that is rare in the industry has been developed. The automation of the self-developed motor assembly production linecoming into use reaches the advanced level of the industry.

4.Intelligent and Refined Production

● MES production management system: It can achieve refined management, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, andguaranteepromptness and accuracy.

● Robot standardization operation: High-precision and high-efficiency robot arms can greatly reduce the product defect rate.

● Cognex vision monitoring system: Neglected assembly, parts errors, and improper assembly position can be prevented.

●WMS warehouse management system: Mold details are recorded to track product quality; the 3D warehouse management helps to ensure efficient and accurate shipment.