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Yuchai YC6K in the truck open (Beijing Railway Station) on the show strength
publish:2017-06-23 00:00:00views:2744

Source: Author Yuchai Group: Keywords: Yuchai YC6K Beijing

     June 11, 2017 China Trucks Open (Beijing Railway Station) in Beijing Golden Port International Circuit staged fiercely, equipped with Yuchai YC6K engine joint truck and by the dragon H7 were won the second, third and domestic crown, Runner's prize.
       The tournament a total of ten teams to participate in the game up to 19 vehicles, which carry Yuchai YC6K engine a total of three vehicles. As the game, the speed is very fast, the situation is extremely poor, so the performance requirements of the engine is very high, especially the dynamic performance, requiring horsepower, fast acceleration, torque and so on. Yuchai YC6K stand out in the game, fully demonstrated its power strong, stable performance, leather and durable, and so on, to defend its large horsepower ace power status and honor.