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Full use of capacity Shenlong 1.2T engine exports to Europe
publish:2017-07-04 00:00:00views:2711

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    Learned from the domestic media, PSA Group plans to produce 1.2 liters of turbocharged gasoline engine in China to export to the European market, which expressed the hope that the full use of production capacity in China. It is reported that the engine in 2013 in the Shenlong Automobile Xiangyang engine factory production.
   PSA is expected from July this year to 2018 May will be exported to the European assembly plant 55,000 engines. The engine in the Chinese market is mainly used in Peugeot's 2008,308,408 and Citroen's C3-XR, C4L and other models.
   Although it is only a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine, but its performance in the power is not weak, the maximum power of 136 horsepower (100kW), the peak torque can reach 230 cattle meters. In addition, according to reports, at the 18th International Engine Annual Awards held in Stuttgart, the jury awarded the "Best Engine of the Year" award to the PSA Group's 1.2T turbocharged engine. It is the smallest and most efficient engine in the PSA group, and has been awarded the "International Year of the Engine" award for eight consecutive years.