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Chery broken foreign technology monopoly of the first "independent brain" engine exports to the United States
publish:2017-07-06 00:00:00views:2642

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   According to Chery official website news, Chery first batch of 500 "independent development of electronic control system" engine in June 30, 2017 exports to the United States. The export has an epoch-making significance, because these engines "core control of the brain" - ECU electronic control system entirely by Chery independent development completed, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign technology.
     Compared with Chery's previously exported engine, the engine was completely certified by Chery, including all engine control strategies and operating parameters, which were defined by Chery. As the core components of the car, the engine once the independent calibration means that the OEM and other parts supplier calibration, to some extent to follow the reference Chery's calibration.
     In addition, the engine core components of the ECU by Chery independent master design and manufacture. ECU is the electronic control unit, in the vehicle construction is the core of the core, the equivalent of the human brain, China has long been in the field is blank, the technology has been monopolized by foreign companies. Chery engine equipped with independent calibration ECU, means that the real meaning of China's auto industry has a "core control of the brain", not only can be used in China's own brand, but also export rush to the world's auto industry, China's auto industry to the world's developed automotive industry High-end core technology products output, thereby enhancing the Chinese manufacturing and export products in China's technical content and brand image.
   As the world's second largest auto market, the US auto market access conditions are extremely strict, the core components of the engine regulations are particularly stringent, whether to enter the US market has been to test whether a car brand has an important symbol of global quality. The Chery independent calibration engine into the United States and other developed markets for China's independent car prices to participate in the global automotive market competition for more technical discourse, but also for the Chinese auto brand into the developed markets in Europe and America laid the foundation.