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Procurement clerk

[Nature of work] full time
[Required culture] college or higher
[Location] Quanzhou City
[Monthly salary range] 3500-5000
[Department of Purchasing]
[Gender requirements] not limited
[Age requirements] 20 - 35
[Work experience] unlimited
Job benefits: five insurance a gold; to provide accommodation; enjoy festive expenses; other welfare subsidies.
Job description and requirements:
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the purchase order management (including orders, order tracking, arrival inspection, settlement, overdue claims, etc.);
2, responsible for orders and incoming abnormalities for processing
3, according to the procurement needs of inquiry, bargaining, control procurement costs
4, responsible for cooperation with suppliers to negotiate a signed purchase and sales contracts
5, responsible for reconciliation with suppliers, initiate remittance applications and follow the progress of the invoice management
job requirements:
1, college and above;
2, have a certain language skills and communication and coordination skills;
3, with diligent and studious, honest and honest professional ethics and professionalism, can withstand the work pressure;
4, graduates and no relevant experience can be.