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Yida Business School speak! - Committed to building industry-leading competitive platform for market competition
publish:2017-02-08 10:06:47views:1067

In response to the changing market and fierce competition, Fujian Yi Da Electric Drive Co., Ltd. (referred to as: ITC electric drive) in February officially opened the business school training activities.

February 8, Yida School of Business to carry out the first course - "Tongrong together, cohesion of art up to people", all members of the business school are involved in interactive courses, live atmosphere in full swing!

February 13, business school for the needs of students, invited the actual experience of the teacher came to teach Wang, carried out the first training course - "market information collection and analysis", the course content to target management as the core, psychological Construction and methodological research. To different market environment simulation exercises, made a proper response and adjustment. Teachers and students through a series of exchanges and discussions, not only improve the efficiency of learning and learning quality, and for the next step in the development of business schools laid a good foundation.

Yida Business School will continue to focus on the introduction of the dealer team and the company's business training courses to ensure that learning normalization and localization, and strive to company - employees - dealers Trinity and common development for the follow-up development of ITD to provide a steady stream of The source of intelligence, to create industry-leading competitive platform for market competition.