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"Sword does not want to rust, people do not learn to lag behind"
publish:2017-03-21 10:11:12views:1016

March 21, Yida Business School opened the second annual training activities. Training teachers to "channel development and dealer management" for the training theme, through a variety of cases, in a simple way for the arts students to explain the subject knowledge, to further help students understand and master the marketing channels and dealer management knowledge.

The first round - Dealer research.
Around the new market research, customer development skills and market development for the development of the line, the training of teachers in accordance with the daily combat situation of students, combined with the scene simulation situation to the scene to reflect the problem as the center, a systematic analysis and correction to help students Further self-knowledge.
The second round - dealer development and maintenance
Dealer development and maintenance for this section of the top priority of training. Training teachers repeatedly stood in the dealer's perspective, analysis of the dealer's main ideas and the central idea. According to the different scene settings, dealer type, case analysis. Students take the group as a unit, brainstorming, the use of brainstorming law, give full play to personal views, the fragmented ideas into a complete implementation of the program. According to the different implementation of the various groups, training teachers through experience to share, explain the solution of different dealers.

Round 3 - Dealer promotion
The promotion of dealers is an important way to enhance the competitiveness of channels. The training site mainly through the failure of the case analysis, to remind the students to help students to self-reflection and review.

to sum up:
Yida Business School staff always firmly believe that "the sword is not grinding to rust, people do not learn to lag behind", even if the work is busy, the pace of learning can not stop the moment!
Yida students have a "strong and huge heart", "unwavering attitude" and "full of learning energy" three swords, face problems and challenges!